Someone, usually in an online game, who intentionally, and usually repeatedly, attempts to degrade anothers experience or torment them.

Examples of griefing:

1. Player vs player abuse: Singling out the same person and killing them over and over when they are defensless until hey log off.

2. Kill stealing: Repeatedly trying to steal another persons kills so that their time is wasted.

3. Verbal abuse: Spamming a person with vulgar, hatefull, or offensive messages.

4. Blocking: Getting in anothers way so they cannot move or get out of a particular area.

5. "Training": Triggering many monsters, almost always impossible to fight and survive, with the intention to either run someone out of an area or kill them indirectly if the server is not 'player vs player' enabled.

Griefing in massively multiplayer online role playing games are usually bannable on first offense and less common (thoguh still visably present).

Griefing is much more common on private servers for first person shooters like Counterstrike and Battlefield 1942.
Griefers and Powergamers are the 2 worst problems in online games today.
by Hic October 8, 2004
that type of person in gta 5 to always try to make you mad. In the local and well known game gta online you can work for cash a well known way to earn cash in gta is to sell product. A griefer is a person who will always try to disturb/mess with you during in a job. That person will destroy your career in gta. Do not interact with a griefer in anyway.
by n0 n@me December 3, 2019
An individual who uses online games, instant messaging, e-mail, or any other communication method to harass, obstruct, or in some way make an experience sour for another person.
In IM (instant messaging) a griefer might keep sending spam messages to someone, knowing the messages will overload the other person's computer.

In an MMORPG, a griefer might run around a spawn location shooting newbies.

Someone who causes grief or a bad experience.
by Kally July 22, 2004
In online gaming, someone who purposely seeks to annoy the other players, especially his own teammates. Usually a griefer is someone who is not good at the game, has a poor internet connection and wants to vent frustration.
"This server is nothing but a bunch of griefer TK's. Let's go somewhere else."
by PecosBill May 23, 2003
Griefers are users in multiplayer video games that try to ruin other players' days, whether that be by abusing the game's mechanics or spamming in the chat.

If you run into a griefer in-game, simply ignore them. What griefers want is to get a reaction out of the people they're playing with, so in order to dilute their annoyance simply don't give them any reaction. You could also try and act smarter than them if they are chat griefing, though this may backfire. Generally griefers are just a worse version of noobs/n00bs, that instead of just being annoying actually ruin things.
Griefer griefing in-game:
*Griefer destroys structure made by good player*
Griefer: L0L u N0Ob
*good player says nothing*
*griefer teamkills good player*
Good Player: Wow! Nice kill!

Griefer chat griefing:
Griefer: U AL1 aRE ScuR85 xDDdDdDDd
Good Player: okay ;)
Griefer: L0L ScurBbbBbbbBb ;;;;;))))
Good Player: So Good Player 2 how's your day been?
by J. Kashmir June 30, 2015
A "Griefer" is a term most commonly used in GTA V referring to someone who repetetly kills/blows up players or cargo for no reason.
That A**hole is a griefer.
by BeachedBoat September 22, 2020
to pull a griefer is to become pissed at something that has little to no actual need which will lead you to eventually leaving a certain group (clan) for no certain reason.
-he pulled a griefer
by texas99 September 17, 2008