A major inconvenience for those who wish to exploit and steal from working people.
The sleazy Boss was underpaying the workers and treating them like slaves until the unionist united the workers.
by MrCyberdude February 9, 2023
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A person who is very aggressive and defensive in nature. Is strongly against anything that doesn't suit their agenda and anything different from themselves. They will usually speak in a hypocritical or contradictory manner and will likely provide problems rather than solutions.

Usually found in the North of Ireland shouting 'No surrender'.
The more the unionist talked, they less I liked them.
by denots February 4, 2021
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A Internet group that is against you tubers like a Logan Paul and Tana mongoo, Idubzz and Comedy shorts gamer are perfect examples.
by Urban_bro January 29, 2019
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People who want Northern Ireland to be a part of the Union, of the United Kingdom.
Those unionists don't want Northern Ireland to be independent!
by Liligi January 8, 2017
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Got a problem with a work collegue who is putting shit on the merrits of unions all the time?
Don't fear, you can just call up your local unionist-thug and he or she will straighten things out.

They will cause the bastard to be ostrasised from other employees. They will read the assholes emails to management to see what's going on, and they will spread roumors about that shit being an Amway person or a Scientilogist.
Best of all, they will try and get them fired!
Steve was being a unionist thug when he tried to get Mike fired. And when he accused Mike of being a pedophile, a rapist, and some kind of get-rich-quick scam artist.
Steves job was eventually done, and he was very happy with himself.
by Mr Compakt Disk August 28, 2008
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