jovial mild-mannered mannerisms
I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman recently. She had jmm
by CriostoirHulme August 9, 2005
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A young girl and boy, both in their early teens, were copulating in her bedroom
when her mother was out at the shops. They heard the front door close and
footsteps coming up the stairs. She said " JMM "
by Stias September 10, 2005
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Jewish Money Making Syndrom (pronounced as jims), it is a compulsive and unstoppable urge to make money, all the time whether it is in real life or in a game.
Ex 1 ) Chris: Yo dude, you hear, Renz stayed up till 2am to make 500 gold in Allods online!!
Emil: Dude, I think he may be suffering from JMMS disorder.

Ex 2) Person #1: "Where'd all my money go?"
Person #2: "Dude that guy with JMMS disorder took it".
(Person #1 bolts off after guy with JMMS)
by Riodude May 1, 2011
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The particular moment (often shared between a Straight man and a Gay a man), after blowing a Straight guy (and swallowing) the Straight guy then hits you with an "I'm so happy this happened, because I'm getting married tomorrow", followed by a string of texts saying "you up?", "that was fun, we should do that again", "It would be so much easier if you were a girl".
*If he doesn't send a string of texts, that's not a Dirty JMM, just a hook up.
After hooking up, the guy pulled a Dirty JMM, and now he won't leave me alone.
by cottoncandydreamz April 15, 2020
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