55 definition by Stias

No means exactly what it says.
Although No is a very short word it is a somewhat complicated one which some people as some people fail to understand. What part of No do you not understand?
by Stias October 07, 2005

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Somebody at the door usually means someone wishes to enter a room or a building
We live in a security conscious age. Many doors into buildings and rooms are now locked at all times. Security men sit at a desk where there are computers and monitors showing all entries into a building, and the movement of traffic outside the building. The security desk usually faces the main entrance into the building. When somebody at the door wishes to enter
they are able to press a button so that the personmay enterthe building
by Stias October 05, 2005

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jumping to conclusions
Occasionally when I meet a woman I know would be an excellent friend I ask myself the question " why me ? ", dry up and do not have an open conversation with her. I then find myself jtc and querying her background through very bad sources. Any men who stop to read this definition of jtc please take some good advice, learnt from hard experience, and always have open conversations with any new women who you feel may play a major role in your lives. It is very difficult to get a new friendship going a second time although being a persistent so and so I may yet succeed but for others please take the above advice to heart and do not follow my example.
by Stias August 15, 2005

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A shitty situation is one from which it may be difficult to extricate onself
The Titanic hitting the iceberg in the Atlantic in 1912 was a shitty situation
by Stias February 12, 2006

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Luscious vagina's instantly
I walked into a little back street newagents recently and there in the window where you see adverts for French teachers was one with three letters, written in large print saying - LVI, guaranteed and complete with all the usual accessories. Oral instuctions included.
by Stias September 01, 2005

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This is the new word in Northern Ireland for anarchists, bastards, brothel managers, criminals, debauchers, drug dealers, forgers, fuckers, freedom fighters, guys who indulge in beatings in dark alleys,hatchet men, incendiary bombers, inciters, jumped up petty criminals, killers,lefties, manipulators, naughty bastards, organisers of dastardly bank robberies, kneecappers, pimps, prostitutes, rapists, shooters, thugs, and you name it. Thanks are due to the UVF, LVF and UDA for the discovery of this new word
All those vudufflavs should at least be locked away for life but I would vote for the politicians who would reintroduce the birch and hanging drawing and quartering.
by Stias September 13, 2005

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International Security Special Branch There are members of the ISSB working in almost every country in the western world and there may well be a few of their number working in the east. International Terrorist Groups have worked very closely together for many years. The leaders of the western world are not stupid. The security forces in Europe, particularly in Ireland (North and South) are the best in the world. Many of the Northern Irish ISSB are seconded to security forces throughout the world to help fast track development and training programmes.
There is something big expected to happen in Northern Ireland, and indeed many other potential trouble spots in Ireland and Great Britain. Most of the major towns and cities have large numbers of the ISSB working in ordinary everyday jobs. Watch your back if you are a revolutionary you are being watched
by Stias September 13, 2005

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