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This is the new word in Northern Ireland for anarchists, bastards, brothel managers, criminals, debauchers, drug dealers, forgers, fuckers, freedom fighters, guys who indulge in beatings in dark alleys,hatchet men, incendiary bombers, inciters, jumped up petty criminals, killers,lefties, manipulators, naughty bastards, organisers of dastardly bank robberies, kneecappers, pimps, prostitutes, rapists, shooters, thugs, and you name it. Thanks are due to the UVF, LVF and UDA for the discovery of this new word
All those vudufflavs should at least be locked away for life but I would vote for the politicians who would reintroduce the birch and hanging drawing and quartering.
by Stias September 13, 2005
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