140 definition by Stephanie

A fine ass hot lady from the best country in Central America:Guatemala
its what they call girls from Guatemala
When the fine Chapina pass by me I almost fainted....CP
by stephanie March 21, 2005

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1)anything that makes you laugh
2)the best medicine
3)what keeps everyone happy
Late Night with Conan O'Brien is one of the best comedy shows there is.
by Stephanie March 09, 2004

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he is an isanely funny man who is extremely smart, Sexy and on top of all of that he is nice to his fans. Also he is the host of the funniest talk show since Carson.
I comepletly adore Conan O'Brien
by Stephanie March 04, 2004

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when a guy drops his balls into a girls mouth while she is awake
dipping ones balls into your girls mouth like a tea bag into a mug
by stephanie February 25, 2005

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Something that is Fascinating.

1) The words that are wonderful to you.

2) The looks of someone that appeal to you.
3) Amazing words.
1)Your messages mesmerize me.
2)She looks mesmerizing in that dress.
3)The way he talks mesmerizes me.
by Stephanie January 01, 2005

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It's when someones underwear is severly inside of their butt that becomes noticable to others
She think she cute but all that grada aint getting her nowhere making her butt look nasty
by Stephanie December 09, 2004

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good, fine
"its all gravy"
meaning its all fine
by Stephanie September 14, 2003

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