A female that allows a male to ejaculate inside her.

A pun off the snack cakes of the same name that have cream filling.
One thing led to another and next thing you know: she is my little debbie.

I little debbied her.
by Troublecitrus May 10, 2012
when a woman has two buck teeth and repeadily scratches your dick with her teeth while giving head. named for a woman who perfected the art.
my girlfriend gave me a little debbie last night and man my dick hurts.
by jeff morgan July 20, 2009
1. A tasty treat

2. Covert euphemism used by underage kids for alcohol, especially after over-consumption leads to vomiting.
Person: Ooh, those Little Debbies look delicious!

Mother: Why did you puke everywhere?
Child: Ugh, I ate way too many Little Debbies last night...
by Bpepps July 8, 2011
When person A wraps person B's belly fat around their erect penis (much like a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll), and then thrusts into the gluttonous mass, eventually ejaculating.
"I will Little Debbie the shit out his fat ass"
by D-West October 12, 2007
Boobies that come in sizes A-B.
Her little debbies show through her bikini top.
by Bozeman Brown Trout August 1, 2005
That certain taste of something that reminds you of Little Debbie foods.
"She's got Little Debbie titties."
"Oh man...that Little Debbie cuntmuffin."
by Bill March 15, 2004