an exclamation of something exciting
-you just won the lottery mum!
by Mel111 February 24, 2009
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An exclimation of suprise.
Eeep! You scared me.
by Dr. Me April 5, 2003
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1. A high-pitched squeal sort of noise emitted when a girl (sometimes a guy) is frightened, surprised, bumped into, etc.

2. The metallic squeal that a computer makes as a warning. It's soon to be followed by, "Warning..." sometimes with a little bomb next to it, saying "Error."

3. The sound that a female makes to try to attract other females. (This one isn't popular...yet.)
1. Girl One bumps into Girl Two.
Girl Two: Eep!

2. Guy One tries to open a locked folder on his brother's computer.
Computer: Eep! *Error*

3. Girl One: Eep!
Girl Two: Found you! Eep!
by Reality June 19, 2006
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the high pitched sound/squeal someone makes when you scare them or poke them in their sides
Girl 1: *sneaks up behind Girl 2 and pokes her side*

by poke me. i eep. June 28, 2004
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Something you say when you are really uncomfortable, scared, or embarrased.
Example 1: The young boy was being cornered by a gang of bullies. "eep." He mumbled in fear

Example 2: He had just confessed his love to susan. "eep." She replied with.
by Ideka the rose fanboy October 10, 2019
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EEP! Pranay handed out calculators on Halloween!
by sillyducky November 3, 2003
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To be ridiculously high, almost too much to handle.
"No more man i"m eepin"

"Greg just eeped."

by LakSom March 17, 2010
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