Pi, which is used for measuring the area and circumference of a circle. Pi continues with repeating digits and does not appear to stop. When 314 is reversed at the other end it spells Pie albiet roughly.
by Nine Tails January 27, 2013
3.14 = pi

In "IM" language, "pi" is "private information." Therefore, 3.14 = "private information."
Woah!! That's 3.14....if i told you then I'd have to shoot you.
by xoxJewnessxox December 9, 2005
The name of a company incorporated in Singapore—which was registered on Pi Day by three math geeks, one green billionaire, and four family members-turned-financial angels—that aims at getting attention from those who are curious to know the nature of the business.
It’s pretty tempting even for laypersons with negative experiences, or quasi-zero interest, in school math to Google “3.14,” because they’re piqued up by the catchy name of the organization—could it be another shell company in the tax heaven that is involved in money laundering?
by Fasters December 15, 2021
an irrational number that is used to get the circumference and area of a circle.
Teacher:Pi is 3.14.
by #HappyPiDay January 15, 2015
it obviously means I love pie.
Dave: oh em gee. <3.14.

Sera: holy eff so do I !!!.
by KristyMeowmix September 7, 2008
Idk, my friend showed me it. It's a cute/nerdy way to put a heart.
Nick: Rebecca, I totally <3.14 you, are you gonna go see me play chess tonight?
Rebecca: Ohhh, you can BET ON IT, BET ON IT, BET ON IT, BET ON IT.
by lolzunicorn January 4, 2008
Cutie Pie



cutie+3.14=cutie pi=slang word for: CUTIE PIE
Person 1: You're a cutie 3.14
Person 2: Wtf? Do I look like a math book to you?
Person 1: What? No...I meant...
Person 2: Yeah, if that's how you-
Person 1: Look it up on urbandictionary.com, asshole
(Person 2 looks up the definition of "cutie 3.14")
Person 2: Oh...
by THEinviviancible June 2, 2009