Generally, people who dont feel the need to be branded as fashionable, even though mosher clothes are so much better than chav clothes. Moshers usually have small badges on their bags showing their favourite bands. Moshers are not un-sociable, infact they are nice people who are really cool to hang around with and chat. Can be seen in mosh-pits headbanging (do not get into one of these if you treasure your limbs) The only people they hate are chavs, i myself despise chavs and go mental everytime i see one. retford is chav infested- dont move there!!!
(chavs walk past)
mosher 1 "hey a chav"
mosher 2 "KILL THEM!!"
(chavs fucking leg it)
by Jimmy m November 4, 2005
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Moshers: feel no need to justify themselves to others,generally loving and friendly but have a tendancy to hate chavs and townies(can ya blame em?), wear the clothes they want 2 wear, not what others percieve as fashion or "cool", like badges alot. listen to a mixture of punk,rock and metal. as they name suggests they mosh to their music and have mosh pits at concerts (dnt get involved unless u r prepared to get injured). in short moshers are the coolest people on earth and i am honord to be friends with them.
mosher 1:*hug* hey wat r u listening 2
mosher 2: slipknot, want an ear?
*listens 2 mp3 player*mosh*get dirty look from a chav*
mosher 1: god i hate chavs
mosher 2: my neck is killing me *rubs neck*shrugs*moshes more*
by Nikx October 16, 2005
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these people tend to be quite nice people that don't really like getting into fights (but often do because of the way they look). Moshers are seen by chavs as the scum of the earth that don't get washed, don't really know what they call good music. Moshers is the universal word for anyone who doesn't dress like a chav, emos, hardcores, goths and even punks all get called moshers but there is a difference in the way they look and what music they listen to but because they are chavs they don't realise this and if someone looks even close to a mosher then they have to be one. Goths are more commonly mistaken for moshers because they wear all black and a lot of moshers wear black. Generally from my experiance moshers are okay to talk to and are very loving towards their friends and are generally very friendly people and tend to be more accepting of gay people, coloured people, etc.
mosher: what? (runs off)
by Zombie Crew RULES!! May 26, 2006
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Basically moshers are the greatest people alive, they will do anything for you, like getting you out of scrapes (i.e. being ganged up on by chavs). They wont mock your clothes, they are not dirty and they love a party. they really hate chavs (cos chavs are the scum of the earth) and chavs hate them for no reason as its usually chavs who start the trouble and their always in massive groups agaist one or two people. all my friends belong to different groups and moshers have to be the most awesome, they are true friends and will never let me or anyone else down (except for chavs, who should die!!!)As you can see i really hate chavs too after i got into trouble with a load of em.

group of 15 chavs: hey theres a mosher on his own, lets beat him half to death.

mosher on his own: for fuck sake not again!

group of 8
moshers: hey look at that dude getting the shit kicked out of him by them fuckin chavs, lets help him!!

group of 15
chavs: oh shit theres some moshers, and theres more than one of em. leg it quick!!

group of 8
moshers: you alright dude?

mosher on his own: yeah, thanks for that.

group of moshers: no problem, fancy comin to a gig with us?

mosher on his own: yeah awesome.
by Ollie Sharp October 21, 2006
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A mosher is some1 who likes to listen 2 many different types of metal music, always admit the truth what eva it may be, and they are really nice people and are the nicest people u could ever meet to be honest and they hate chavs to death.
A mosher is someone who minds their own business and don't go around kickin peoples head in just for how they are
by mosh2live December 31, 2005
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Please read this: What is stated below is true from experience

A "Mosher" is NOT a made up word by scallies/chavs to describe someone different, NOR is it a word to describe anyone who is a goth... A mosher is a person who is slamming into other people in the front rows of a rock/metal concert (or MOSH PIT).

The term Mosh was coined by the singer HR of Bad Brains when he introduced their song "mash it up" in his thick Jamaican accent and it came out as "Mosh It Up" instead. Anthrax, the New York speed/thrash metal band later wrote an excellent song named "Caught In A Mosh" as an ode to the fans at the front of their concert pits.

Scallies or chavs only call people they don't know "moshers" because they don't have a clue what they are talking about and the media (VERY incorrectly) defined a mosher as someone in a green day top and baggy jeans and a skateboard (?) and you know how accuarte the media is right?
<me> "I'm going to the Slayer show tonight
<friend> "Cool, you gonna be at the back or you gonna be one of the moshers in the pit?
by luke_e February 6, 2007
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According to the vast population of neds or chavs. The word mosher is used to describe any boy or girl that dresses in dark clothing and hangs around with their friends having a good time and generally listen to heavy metal.
A common misconception is that they are all stoners and drink blood. They tend to stay within groups of their own and avoid confrontation with neds/chavs.
They are completely different to emos and prefer not to be labelled
ned boy: oh look at those stoner moshers!
moshers: *sigh* stupid ned scum
ned boy: oi wit didya jus cal ma?!
moshers: Nothing, now please go away.
ned: I'll bate ya!
moshers: *stand up and walk away*
ned boy: Ther all gone ta drink each others blood
by cute-when-i-scream June 22, 2006
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