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What you turn into from drinking so much during “Stay at Home Orders” from the government. It’s devastating affects on the psyche demand more alcohol for the brain to cope.
I’ve had to stay home so long. I worry so much. I drink to cope with it all. I think I am a CoronaHolic..
by Sparkdog May 23, 2020
The tan your face gets when you have to wear a mask at the beach.
We went to the beach, to get out finally and enjoy the sun and surf. It was a beautiful day. When we got home we discovered that our faces had Coronatan!
by Sparkdog May 23, 2020
The people who think they are smarter than the whole world trying to figure out Covid19. The ones who whine about their rights and refuse to protect others by wearing a mask. The worst are usually female evangelicals who deliberately, defiantly cough in another’s face. Such people ought to be arrested for assault, much less attempted murder.
I watched, as a Pimple on Society deliberately coughed directly in someone’s face in Walmart.
by Sparkdog May 24, 2020
1. (noun) plant which ontains some compound which is believed by some to lower blood pressure, though no credible medical study yet supports this claim.

2. (noun) subject of large quantities of annoying spam I've been receiving lately which is really beginning to piss me off, enough so that I posted these definitions.
Damn spammer wants me to buy hoodia from this email link so he can keep his AMG from getting repo'd.
by Sparkdog November 2, 2005
A stupid neighbor who comes over being a “Maskhole”. Spewing Hydroxi dribble and Sweden mis truths. Refusing to wear a mask and encroaching on my space.
A CornaMelody showed up maskless and stood directly over my wife gardening, espousing the typical lame, politically right leaning B.S. Spewing potential death. I told her how disrespectful she was and told her to never again come to my house.
by Sparkdog May 22, 2020
A woman who grifts off her husband. Has no depth. She likes to claim good works like “Be Best” or other phony efforts. She spends her day whining me, me, fucking me. All the while contributing nothing to global society, much her own country.
Melaniacunt spends her time supporting useless people and events. Like the insurrection attempt on the Capitol. Then whines when friends and real Americans can’t stand her
by Sparkdog January 12, 2021