In New Zealand: Used to describe the one day of the year when it is sunny.
In Australia: Used to describe pretty much every single day.
By God, it's a beautiful day init?
by Bom Chika WahWah October 1, 2007
To spend New Year's Eve with the cutest janah you've ever met.
I had such a beautiful day last New Year's Eve with the loveliest janah.
by IFoundMyJanah December 31, 2013
The words Sans (undertale) says before making you get rekt
Sans: It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like these, kids like you...
S h o u l d b e b u r n i n g i n h e l l...
by Dell Engineer October 17, 2020
A day that's raining or has some other unpleasant weather and you have to be exposed to it. For an explanation, see acronym formed by the first letters.
PVT Blue Falcon: But Drill Sgt, I don't wanna run. It's a Beautiful Army Day!
Drill Sgt: If it ain't rainin', you ain't trainin'! All right everyone, Pvt Blue Falcon wants us to run backwards today!
by Private Long October 10, 2007