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The glorious combination of a chanteuse and a fellatrix. Not only does she sing well, but she sucks a mean cock as well!!1 Hummers FTMFW!
Dr. Benway prescribed Chantix to help me quit smoking. I had no idea what world of hedonistic pleasure was about to open up before me.
by Somebody Else January 11, 2009
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the most melodramatic person on this earth. She’s such a drama queen, complains for every single thing.
x: that girl keeps complaining about EVERYTHING!!
y: does she? I bet she’s an Emilia
by Somebody Else March 01, 2021
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This is where poop dries in matrix with ass hair resulting in a laminated composite that is even harder to damage than carbon fiber.
I was late for our date because I was stuck in the shower trying to get rid of a god-awful load of Devil's Fiberglass!
by Somebody Else December 29, 2004
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1. The compulsions brought on by our sensitivity to one another; Doing what we know to be right, regardless of how difficult it may be.

2. The compulsions brought on by religious teachings free of common sense; an excuse to attempt to aid the people around you, regardless of whether your help is wanted or needed.
1. We have a moral obligation to help the victims of natural disasters.

2. The president has a moral obligation to spread his religion.
by Somebody Else February 22, 2005
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A lead singer in Finkl who is now a model and sings by herself. She is by known one of the most beautiful korean girls there is. Another beautiful korean girl is Boa Kwon, one of Hyori's friends.
She has a great voice, so she can definitely sing. Her group werent that successful, but now since she's out of the group, she has become more famous, and is prettier.
by Somebody Else August 21, 2004
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