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Occurs when one smokes a joint/blunt utop the White House.
"Holy crap, Steve is Nelsoning right now. Get the picture phoney thing thats takes videos."
by Sol Surfer December 15, 2007

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The act of spiining a non-retracted mechanical pencil, and accidently stabbing yourself with it, upon a bad catch.
"Dude! I totally flubbed up, and I crimped myself, ow..."
"Dude! Stop crimpling yourself..."
by Sol Surfer December 15, 2007

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A subject that can be added to describe anything that doesn't fyully describe the noun but does, or to express confusion.

Or, attachted to the end of a verb to describe something someone is doing badly.

Or attached to a noun to show one thing is acting like another.
"That thing is kinda...blu-ish...I think"

"I think he's swimming...-ish"

"Steve is being kinda Ken-ish today"
by Sol Surfer December 16, 2007

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When a hermophrodite has intercourse with him/her/it self by inserting his/her/its penis into him/her/its vagina.
Guy 1: What'd you do last night?
Guy?2: I was Kosulting myself.
Guy 1: grose dude.
by Sol Surfer December 15, 2007

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A mistake made right after a teacher or supervising officer tells you not to make that mistake.
Teacher:Now, while you're spot-welding, do not burn the hoses.
...5 minutes later.
Guy1: Shit dude, you're burning the hose!
Guy2: Shit, i pulled a conklin.
by Sol Surfer December 15, 2007

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1.Testicles, based on the fact that the word for rabbit in Spanish is almost the same as the subsequent word for bunnies.
2.See 1
3.See 2
4. All of tyhe above at once
Dude: Man did you see José yesterday,I totally hit in the vinegar bunnies with a wiffle ball, homes!
by Sol Surfer December 18, 2007

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The act of pulling ones pants down over an innocent friends (obviouly not innocent) pillow, squovvering A.K.A. squating and/or hovering approximately one inch away and farts upon it (be sure not to Shart as in this will ruin the joke.). Thus, over the night whilst he/she rests obtains Pink Eye. Which is funny in all actuality.
Friend01: "Dude, guess what I did with Tom's pillow!"
Friend02: "What?"
Friend01: "I 'Fluffed' it for him."
Friend02: "Um... I beleive he's 'Fluffing your pillow right now.'
Friend01: "Wah Teh Flek WTF???"
by Sol Surfer December 15, 2007

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