above par cool girl. supportive and loving but also will call you out on things and fight if needed. sometimes they can be dangerous if you get on their bad side, and usually they dont give a fu#k about things
my girlfrind is one bad ass bitch.
by funkychicken420 April 3, 2011
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A bad ass bitch is a female who will not take any bullshit from ANYONE. A Bad Ass Bitch is a women who is strong, Gorgeous, smart,and funny. If a Bad Ass Bitch encounters someone who is talking slick out they mouth she will put them in their place. Bad Ass Bitches DO NOT give a fuck who you are they will fix you up.
Other girls; "You see that girl right there. She's a Bad Ass Bitch so dont mess with her. She's gorgeous and will put you in your place. Watch out"
by 💥Baddie💥 February 26, 2019
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A very annoying woman that her slaps and moves are more fast than lightning itself, and, damn, hers slaps hurts like hell!
Guy 1: dude, look that blond bitch, across the street!
Guy 2: oh no dude, are you blind? that's a big fat ugly b-


Guy 1: damn!!
Guy 2: fuck, dude, what was that?!
Guy 1: dude, that's a real fast bad ass bitch!
Guy 2: jesus!!!!
by Fast Bad Ass Bitch October 29, 2008
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