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The greatest lager on the market. Premium strength (Above 5%).
You can stick your Dutch Gold. I got Erdinger
by Snake January 19, 2005
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A carbonated drink that is popular with primary school kids who don't know any better. Possibly the best toilet bleach/silver cleaner/nail dissolver ever invented.
"Toilet's blocked"
"Hang on. I'll get the Coke"
by Snake August 6, 2005
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An extreme word for the major assholes you meet.
You ask someone for a quarter and you know damn well they have it but they won't give you a measly quarter because they are a cockbite.
by Snake December 3, 2004
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Company that makes mp3 players that are approximately 3456432575 better than iPods. The main advantages of which include:

-Removable battery. For when you need a new one.
-More than 5 minutes of battery life. For when you're away from your charger.
-Design that actually fits in your pocket. For when you need to go somewhere.
-Decent sound quality. For when the bus driver tunes into 96fm.
-Radio option. So you can catch the match.
-Colour scheme that doesn't make you look like a complete yuppie. For when you don't want your arse kicked for wasting stupid amounts of money on something that doesn't work.
Random person: OMG! Is that an iPod?!!
Person with more than 6 braing cells: No, it's a Creative.
by Snake December 8, 2005
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Legendarily good RPG set in the post-apocalyptic world. First two games were first-class roleplaying gold, containing violence, humour and a number of cool film references. The Brotherhood of Steel spinoff for the PS2 was something of a misfire, though.

See also Power Fist
by Snake March 9, 2005
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1 A person Male or Female who likes food too much, does not excercise, and generally lays around plaing video games all damn day.

2 A person who excercises but to no avail as they won't give up their damn cheetos and chocolate cakes.
So and so is a total fat body. They never ever try to excercise or diet.

Good lord if that fat body gains any moew weight I'll just have to kill myself.

You are not allowed to eat jelly donuts because you are a disgusting fat body!
by Snake December 3, 2004
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Among the most powerful handguns ever made, this gun was made famous by its appearance in many films and computer games. Useful for blowing people's heads into mush.
Eat .50 AE round, zombie scum!
by Snake January 16, 2005
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