Wow! I'm hyper now, after all that Lucozade!
by |Georgie| June 11, 2005
A legendary drink only to be consumed by the most powerful of people (Ahmed). It is said the very glucose in this drink can enhance your abilities far beyond any human capabilities. If you ever lay your hands on this drink, you must pray to the Somali King for acceptance as he will bestow judgement to proceed with the ritual. Be aware that when you drink this holy beverage, your eyes will glow and you will see the past Somalian kings.
Ahmed: Hey im gonna try some Lucozade
Friend: No! Don't! You wont be able to control our blood sugar!
Ahmed: I'm sorry but if i must save the world then i must go all out.
by TheMemeDealer January 4, 2020
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by abdi November 23, 2004
Lucozade bottle filled with urine from a 20 stone trucker caught short between Little Chefs
Next time you are stuck in a jam on the M6 at Stoke, look right to the central reservation & observe all of the discarded Trucker's Lucozade bottles.
by Jonny Mc. January 29, 2009
This is a drink that not only tastes like metallic static you see on old school tv’s, it is also the choice drink of the common paedophile. One might use the term to describe a paedophile.
Normal person: look at that lucozade original over there.
Paedophile: *noncing a small child while drinking lucozade original*
by swagginjibber April 6, 2020
national lucozade day is on the 27th of august. this is the day were we celebrate the drink - lucozade. you can celebrate this by getting a lucozade.
Did you know it’s national lucozade day today?”
by k4yla June 27, 2022