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King Arthur's castle. A rather silly place.
We're knights of the round table,
We dance whene'er we're able.
We do routines and chorus scenes,
With footwork impeccable.
We dine well here in Camelot,
We eat ham and jam and spam-a-lot

We're knights of the round table.
Our shows are formidable.
So many times,
We give them rhymes,
That are quite unsingable.
We're opera mad in Camelot,
We sing from the diaphragm-a-lot.

In war, we're tough and able,
Quite indefatigable.
Between our quests,
We sequin vests,
And impersonate Clark Gable.
It's a busy life in Camelot.

I have to push the pram-a-lot.
by Snake March 07, 2005
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King Arthur's castle, where the round table was. Also a silly place.
"On second thought, let's not go to Camelot, it is a silly place."
by CrackMantis June 25, 2004
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you're all wrong camelot is 3 things
1.the castle,village, &castle yards where king arthur ficticiously lived with his knights of the round table
2 .a bad broadway musical
3.what they called when jfk was in office because america seemd almost perfect until he got shot similar to the story of camelot
1. king arthur ruled in camelot and seved justice to all with his knights
2.i went and saw camelot at the bendum theater
3.jfk was in his own little camelot
by Pooky March 09, 2005
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A fancy castle in whick King Arthur lived, housed the round table.Also, The Kennedys liked to call their dynasty this.
Camelot is not in California.
by zoe February 19, 2004
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Something awful, bad.
Basicly, something that sucks ass.
The gears of this bycicle are adjusted like shit, this bike is camelot!

Nathan gets so fucking lucky with drops at Sara Boss, that's fucking camelot, motherfucker.

Oh my, this dead horse does NOT have a sign that says "WARNING - Dead Horse", that horse is camelot, damn it.

Lol, exp at goblins is totally camelot.
by ColaDrinkrrrr February 09, 2008
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