17 definitions by Smokey McPot

this is a small donkey that lives in your fore skin and eats the scrot rot of the end of your testicles
"ahhh wankshaft please remove your teeth from my tiny little testicles" - Andy
by Smokey McPot January 27, 2003
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to slap somebody in the face with your cock. (cock slap)
I bouched that girl in the face last night and then she sucked on my dick.
by Smokey McPot October 13, 2004
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Someone who bounces up and down on a penis with similar enthusiasm of that of a jockey riding a horse. Usually used to describe a homosexual male.
No you can't fuck me vigorously in the ass, What do you think I am some kinda cock-jockey.
by Smokey McPot April 11, 2005
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I smoked a bowl of hindu kush last night, and was so high i couldn't move my eyelids.
by Smokey McPot February 10, 2004
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Somebody who smokes Hashish, constantly, all day long, and rarely brushes his teeth. The result is a nice brown and yellow stain right in the center of the smile, which can repulse women and friends.
What do you mean your out of hash, you could probbably scrape an eighth of your teeth.
by Smokey McPot April 5, 2005
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getting totally wasted off of some substance.... legal or illegal
i smoked that chron and i just got totaled.
by Smokey McPot September 4, 2003
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