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A room within Kirkland House at Harvard University.
During Session II of Harvard SSP 2008, the room became a legend.
It all started with "Never Have I Ever" and "Truth-or-Dare" but suddenly turned into "Dare-or-Sodemy"
Many things happened, including:
-Mass Orgies
-Gay/Lesbian Sexual Activities
-Scissor Sex
-Guys in Bras
-Sploshing a personal favorite of one of the tenants
-Eating Out
-Pole dances
-Lap dances
-Christina bear and Sara bear getting it on

There is also a store that has opened in C21, complete with:
-Back cracker
-Hickey artist
-Sex Kitten
-Someone that just does EVERYTHING
-Owner of Keith Fucking Moon
-Someone who has retained their dignity

C21 can also be used as a verb...usually applies to anything sexual.
a) "Man, we're gonna' have an orgy in C21 tonight!"
b) "I saw one of those C21ers walking down the street, and I remember he was wearing a bra the other night."

a) "I totally C21ed last night, it was hot."
by C21ers August 21, 2008
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