Cold hard cash, we aint talking about no fifty dollars, chedda is mad money, huge amounts.
Like that nigga P. Diddy got mad chedda with a bently and all, and jerome down on fifth aint got no chedda, cuz he rollin inna a 85 olds' trying to act like he pimpin.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
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cash money, most commonly used to purchase drugs, prostitutes, or gold spoked rims.
You hoes better make me some chedda tonight!!
by THEBONE February 23, 2006
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1. Cash, often procured through suspect means.

2. Cheese.

"I got the sickest vendetta, when it comes to the chedda" 50 cent.
by slammer September 20, 2006
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ya same as the other guy said money, hoes, cars, and cloths.
these girls are after ma chedda
by Shawty January 21, 2005
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If something is very good it is said to be chedda!
That car is fuckin chedda!
by Raddy February 13, 2005
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