this term came from Rita Hayworth, the gorgeous, notorious movie star whose image was painted on the side of the first atomic bomb exploding at the Bikini Atoll in World War 2. (so she was a literal BOMBSHELL! :) This started the trend of calling stunning, sexy females bombshells- and the phrase is STILL commonly used today.
rita hayworth was the first woman to be called a 'bombshell'
by whydontpeopleseethis? July 26, 2011
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A female with a killer body. Sexy ass, nice chest, long legs, etc. A very seductive or sexually attractive woman is often described as this.
Guy 1: DAMN. That chick is a bombshell.
Guy 2: Hell yeah, I would tap that!
by FoxyBabe June 1, 2010
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an astonishing news story that is revealed without warning
in light of the bombshell, the school sent the students home.
by Light Joker December 2, 2006
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1. A revelation that that registers upmost surprise due to its randomness and unbelievability.

2. Unexplained absence without due notice.
1. Me "How's this for a bombshell- I fucked that old battler last night after everyone lashed"

You "dooooooooooo bang!"

2. Me "you coming to work tomorrow"
You "nah, i might bomshell that shift in the morning"
Me "doooooooooo bang!"
by Slammer March 11, 2005
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Cyberpunk term
1. To evacuate a place quickly
2. To run
1. "If the police turn up to this rave, it's probably best that we all load the gear into the vans and bombshell."

2. "Nah, man, it's gettin' late. I'm going to bombshell"
by WyldCat March 12, 2006
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Someone who you have REALLY good sex with, then can't remember who they were.
"It's been six months and I'll never be the same, nobody even remembers her name. She's a bombshell." -Operation Ivy
by c8lin May 15, 2003
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