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The White Screen of Death is any screen with a white background that appears on an iPod when it is broken beyond repair. These screens are usually accompanied by a face with red X's for eyes and a frowny face and says something like "Please go to apple.com/support for assistance".

A white screen of death is almost guarenteed after dropping an iPod (along with a cracked screen), dropping the iPod in water, someone steps on the iPod or the stars align in such a way that your iPod just suddenly doesn't work for no apparent reason. This is linked to the Blue Screen of Death in old Windows computers and also the Red Ring of Death in XBox 360's.

The White Screen of Death is why I now have a Creative.
by Sid Barrett August 22, 2007

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Commonly abreviated as AP, the Associated Press is an American news agency run by the media sources that contribute to it. It is the largest news agency in the world and has subscribers (people who pay a fee to use AP's material) in almost every free-market economy nation in the world.

The AP is made up of almost 2,000 American newspapers and about 5,000 TV/radio stations while its photo library has exceeded 10 million pictures of news.

Although the AP tries to remain unbiased some occasional yellow journalism and personal biases are included in media information.
I couldn't help but notice that almost every article about a national event was writen by the Associated Press in today's newspaper.
by Sid Barrett October 11, 2007

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#1: The highest card in a standard playing card deck.

#2: A song by Motörhead featured on video games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Guitar Hero and The Bigs. One of the biggest kick-ass songs of all time and respect the authority of the mole or "cocoa puff" as Beavis called it.
#1: In a game of Bullshit (aka BS) the Ace of Spades is always played first face up

#2: To not like Ace of Spades is like for a girl to not like chocolate.
by Sid Barrett August 10, 2007

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The head of a mafia crime family, usually Italian, ex. Don Corleone from "The Godfather".

The Don of a mafia is the boss of the family and also of the family business. He can declare war on another mafia family and he can also call and make a truce or surrender regarding such family wars. He can also arrange marriages of duaghters from the family even if the daughter is not his own. If you are late to a family meeting with the Don you better be wearing a bullet-proof vest.
"-Who's watching the Don?

-I don't know, but you betta watch yourself kid."
by Sid Barrett July 02, 2007

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A "hang around" is the first of various levels of membership in the Hells Angels biker gang.

A hang around is described as friendly to the organization but is not an actual member yet. They typically go to parties, buy the t-shirts and try to make contacts within the organization to help boost their membership level. Hang arounds also ride with the group whenever there is a ride but otherwise they don't get involved in the organization; they never hold offices within the group and they typically do not participate in extreme group activities such as retaliation or gun trafficking.
Matt's become a hang around after he met a small Hells Angels group at the bar last month.
by Sid Barrett November 30, 2007

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An illegal immigrant from Canada who's in the USA.
-Hey, look at all these super cheap prescriptions Raphael brought over!
-I love that dryback; he saves me so much money on happy pills!
by Sid Barrett January 04, 2009

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Addicting Games is a game website where many free games (and a la carte extras for those games) are released. A successful release on AG (as it's abbreviated) could launch a game into eternal fame but a bug in the game could doom the game and its creator forever.

Addicting Games ia frequented mainly by kids under 13 years of age and if there's a chain comment thing going you'll know there's one (games can be commented on but sadly they're used more for chain comments and giving out way to much personal information like ASL).
-10 year old kid: Let's see what new games are on Addicting Games today!

-50 year old perv: Let's see what new clueless kids are on Addicting Games today!
by Sid Barrett August 07, 2008

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