1.) Figurative: A metaphorical phrase for that which affects a person directly, or is of personal concern to him or her.

2.) Literal: Within close proximity to a person's home or dwelling.
Drunk Driving is a subject that hits close to home with members of MADD.

The bombs hit close to home last night; they were only a few miles away.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 17, 2004
'Close to Home' simply means the act of committing something less than savoury with your girls best friend.
Dumbass A; Dude i just totally boned Finola's best friend!

Dumbass B; Man! That was a bit close to home wasn't it?

Dumbass A; Yea, but as long as i be hitting that sweet ass - it's all gravy.
by Jingles July 23, 2004
Slang used to describe the act of cunnilingus, referencing that all human's original "home" was the womb.
After a few minutes of making out, it was time to get close to home.
by Media Assassin July 22, 2004
You often say this sentence to someone when you strongly relate with their problems because you more likely had this problem before or you still have it
Maria: I'm diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety
Julie: That hit close to home
by Kaivosguy11 May 23, 2020
means don't do things in your neighborhood or where you live.
Don't shit too close to home by, for example, bringing strangers into your house and then fighting with them inside your house (since they know where you live).
by Timmy MMA October 29, 2007