A really cool person who is really nice and everybody loves. Generally invokes stoke and awe in people. timid at times, but really fun. and very good looking. also quite modest
"Guthrie is so cool! and i think he's kinda hot"

"OMG, that dudes awesome!!"
"yeah thats Guthrie, he's a really nice guy"
by Longboard4life August 14, 2011
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When a person gives another person oral sex while they have chewing tobacco in their mouth.
I really like nicotine...I really like blowjobs....I really really like Guthries.
by blueglitter August 04, 2012
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The first capitol of the state of Oklahoma before it was changed to OKC, and is located north of Edmond.
I hear all the time that Guthrie is has ghosts haunting it, but they wouldn't even have a high school if it wasn't for their sports program.
by EvangelionX December 24, 2019
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guy 1: Yo dude, Guthrie 2 o'clock, check it out...

guy 2: eurgh! Hideous! She should do something about that.

guy 1: yeah man, if I looked like that I wouldn't leave the house!
by Bonita Patita November 18, 2009
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A Guthrie is an amazing friend to have! Guthries tend to have dark red hair and deep green eyes. They have a lot of friends, are very smart, and they are kinda sporty. Her favorite colors tend to be green, blue, or pink. If your name is Guthrie you are very lucky!
Girl 1: Ugh I got a 75 that test was so hard!
Girl 2: I got a 70.
Guthrie: I got a 100 and I showed and justified my work so I got 10 points extra credit.
by Evangeline and Olive March 22, 2018
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Being beyond the point of drunk; equivalent to taking a syringe full of pure alcohol and injecting it straight into your liver.
Ugh, im got so guthried last night, im not going to school Monday.
by Taintasaurus Sex December 19, 2010
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A clown, a fool, a funny person, part of an elite gang, someone others could only dream of becoming
by GUTHRIE2015 January 28, 2015
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