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see War On Terrorism, War On Drugs, War In Iraq, and Vietnam
Bush sure made a good catch22 over there in Iraq.
by Senator Assface August 29, 2006
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queerbait piece of shit who steals off of other artists' ideas. Most notebly, Marilyn Manson. Don't believe me? There's an article about it Spin mag.
Gerard Way and his merry band of cock sucking pieces of shit couldn't make decent music or be original if their lives depended on it.
by Senator Assface September 1, 2006
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Hell on Earth. Almost nothing positive comes from it. You're degraded, humiliated, ignored ,ect. The few girls who are actually good looking are dumber than a box of rocks, and further prove that girls want the guy who will treat them the most like shit over the one who won't. Everyone there acts like they are non-conforming or unique, or whatever the fuck they like to believe, despite it being far from reality. High school is also barely different from middle school despite what everyone tells you. There are still those stupid "cliques", there are still assfucks whose sole task in life is to make yours hell, and there are still stupid whores. The only differences are that you can leave campus, few people, if any, actually give a shit about you or what you do, drugs, sex, and alcohol start to become part of reality, and you also get less time to do the stupid work because you're trying to balance out the time between that,the job you'll probably have, and the assholes that are the closest things to friends you'll have.
Welcome to highschool! Enjoy your final four years of hell before collage!
by Senator Assface November 1, 2006
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Another way to spell his name is b.a.d.a.s.s
He could kick Norris' ass. He did in one of his movies....I forget which one. He probably still could kill Norris...and he's been dead for like 30 something years...
Bruce Lee will punch a hole through yo face bitch.
by Senator Assface July 18, 2006
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It keeps math from being a pain in the ass!
The TI-84 Plus is the Aryan race of calculators.
by Senator Assface November 19, 2006
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the master of puppets...
Karl Rove: "hahahaha dance for me!!!"
Bush: "yes master" *proceeds to dance*
by Senator Assface July 16, 2006
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The country that most of the world hates becuase of our excellent choice of leadership. It also allows such filth like that crazy Southern Baptist sect that protests funerals of soldiers and screams shit like "Thank God for dead soldiers! Thank God for 9/11! God hates queers!". Something, somewhere went horribly wrong.
Yeah, America is pretty much going down the drain.
by Senator Assface August 28, 2006
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