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A group that personifies the word "tool". Recruits strut around school acting like they're all badass and better than everyone else because of their uniform. However most of them (if not all) are pussies, so if you do indeed call them a tool to their face, don't expect them to do anything more than say something as original as "fag".
Hey look it's a group of JROTC! Fucking tools...
by Senator Assface September 22, 2007
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the master of puppets...
Karl Rove: "hahahaha dance for me!!!"
Bush: "yes master" *proceeds to dance*
by Senator Assface July 16, 2006
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Welcome to the shittiest time of you life. Enjoy the next 3 years of Hell!
by Senator Assface August 28, 2006
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Tells millions of preppy teens what is cool and what is not. Has shit for shows, such as TRL, The Real World, Made, Pimp My Ride, etc. Pretty much everything that comes from that channel is lame.
Why doesn't MTV change their name? They don't even really play music videos anymore.
by Senator Assface August 28, 2006
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The country that most of the world hates becuase of our excellent choice of leadership. It also allows such filth like that crazy Southern Baptist sect that protests funerals of soldiers and screams shit like "Thank God for dead soldiers! Thank God for 9/11! God hates queers!". Something, somewhere went horribly wrong.
Yeah, America is pretty much going down the drain.
by Senator Assface August 28, 2006
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The only group of people that I despise more than emos. They are pretty much emos really...the only difference is that they try to be happy and emos do not. It is pretty much a standard that a scenester has a myspace with over 500 friends, 1000 comments, a never ending supply of random pictures of them that have been altered in some way (i.e turning up the contrast so that it's really bright and disguises blemishes.), and around 60 to 70 comments on said pictures on average. They are also total whores when it comes to myspace. Another thing that is required by a scenester is to <3 dinos and robots x some random and very large number becuase it's the trendyXcore thing to do. If that wasn't stupid enough, they also have a penchant for saying "fosho", "&&", "luff", "sup nigz", "cunt", and a good number of other fucktarded words and phrases. Scenesters also have very poor tastes in music such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, etc. In other words, complete shit. You can pick a scenester out easily. First, they all have a shittily home done hair cut that is choppy and is usually dyed black with like 5 to 10 other random (usually bright/neon) color streeks. Second, they almost always wear some sort of stupid vintage tee. Third, and last, they most always hang out in a med. to large group because they are pussies. Oh and yeah this shit is true, because I do know some scenesters in real life. They are really like this. FUCK SCENESTERS AND ALL OF THEIR PUNK BITCH SHIT!
Me: "I see that you have a Led Zepplin shirt on..."
Scenester: "They are my fave band! They are hardxcore x1043698763, fosho!"
Me: "Right.....name a song by them then."
Scenester: "well...uhhhh....ummmm....smells like teen spirit?"
Me: "You are fucking stupid."
by Senator Assface August 27, 2006
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Stupid mumbling bastard whose shit somehow passes off for music.
See also douchebag
Not a talented musician...much like Lil'Jon, Ja Rule, P.Diddy, etc. May they all burn in hell.
I thought Twista was hard to understand...then I head Sean Paul.
by Senator Assface August 10, 2006
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