a person who tries very hard to fit the stereotype of a certain scene. often having to do with a specific genre of music emo.indie.punk.rock. dresses and acts in a prescribed fashion. image focused. vain.
they got all dressed up to hang out with their scenester friends.

all the scenesters love that band.
by Anonymous April 8, 2003
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Person who models the abstract and later specific behavior of individuals
trying to make a claim on certain media,i.e. literature, art, books, poetry, movies. A trend will then arise of "packaging", at which point, genres will mix into socially acceptable grab bags of media and somehow spawn a fashion, normally causing these disillusioned individuals to start resembling the traits of characters, band members, and each other because he or she likes this " underground" lifestyle and wants to be accepted by a discriminating crowd. In short, the sucker thinks these people have all the answers and conforms to some " be- yourself-but-be-us-subculture". Scenesters can range from genres of music such as Indie, emo, hardcore, nerd rock,(math rock), metal heads, ska kids( skankers,Moonstompers), ravers, club kids, goth kids, mod kids,space rock,concept artists,retro throwbacks, punk, pop punk, to Donnie Darko fans and other cult movies such as Heathers or Velvet Goldmine,poetry by Bukowski or Frost, cartoons such as Sponge Bob or shows like Nip/Tuck and The Simpsons, books such as Catcher in the Rye, The Virgin Suicides, Valley of the Dolls, Ask the Dust, and occasionally, The Communist Manifesto,as most scenesters are anti-war and unless straight edge, (refraining from sex or drugs of any kind) are heavily into drugs and alcohol,nomadic,anti-religious,poor with rich parents, and slumming.Essentially, they are their friends, although some people will like what they like and be accused of being scenesters by mistake. The smart scenester will say that is the case, because he or she knows it can't really be disproven except by baby pictures, second grade stories, and by God Himself.
" Jennifer is a true disgusting little scenester now that she dyed her hair burgundy when she saw me doing it. I did it, because some girl on the Joan of Arc album had it that way, but that's because she copied the girl from Rainer Maria, and I told her after one of their shows that she should color it, so she did,and I thought'what the fuck? That was my idea.' So I'm boycotting them."

" If you don't like Spoon, you should die."

" If I had shaggy hair and wore eyeliner like your last boyfriend, you would love me more."

" The way these people look is the way I feel inside. They understand. I want to be part of their scene."
by Victim August 20, 2004
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Person between the ages of 14 and 21 who decides that they will be incredibly original and cute and popular by making a Myspace account, adding fellow scene kids, and generally making oneself out to be cool and superior.

How to spot:
-MUST have a Myspace account
-Mentions guns, babies, dinosaurs, robots, indie bands, techno bands, any obscure band they can find, being "gangsta", getting drunk, skulls, chucks, vans, the letter X, the ampersand, internet hearts <3, etc.
-Talks condescendingly
-Often partakes in music elitism
-Takes photos of self in mirror, in car, in sunglasses, from above, of boobs, of hips, of feet, of self drinking alcohol, of self making kissy face, of self looking like a hyperactive toddler, of self doing illegal things, of self passed out, of self and friends joined at the head and making faces
-Uses small fonts, overlapping fonts, pink, white and black
-Has friends take photos of themselves holding signs which say "I <3 NAME!!1 OMGZ. KTHXBAI"
-Uses chatspeak sarcastically
-Parties often and talks about it on Myspace
-Hates the world while desperately seeking its attention
-Uses MS Paint to draw little hearts in the corner of everything

Scene kids can be catty and obnoxious, so it's best to avoid them. They often become wrapped up in internet popularity and begin to become the trendy persona they've created on their website. They are fake through and through, and therefore untrustworthy.
"xx____&&bangbangslut<\3 RAWR_IMA_DINOSAUR;;_INNIT is in your extended network." -Myspace Scenester Alert
by Evita M May 16, 2006
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Kids that follow fashions to the raw detail.
Past fashions that have been followed are:
the letter x
being bisexual while stating not to be following a trend
admitting to being straight, therefore not following a trend
pretending to be gay to impress members of the opposite sex
thrashing one's self around at shows, putting other show-goers in danger of being hit in the face by flailing arms and legs and calling it hardcore dancing
dying hair completely black
bleaching random parts of hair
making unflattering "rawr" faces

Scenesters will say things such as "rad", "guns go bang", "sex" and "the sex".

They will pretend to be completely original even though most of their friends will look the same.
"That oddly placed blonde patch on the side of your head is just pure sex!"
"Sonny Moore is just so rad"
"Rawr! I'm a rad wannabe DiNoSaUr scenester with an eye patch and robotic limbs!"
by KatherineGoodnessMe. December 19, 2005
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Generally adolescents aged 15-20 who are involved in the "scenes" surrounding emo and indie (occasionaly other types of music as well, including punk with it's mohawked fashion punks) for whom the scene is more important than the music itself. They place greater importance upon the style of dress, knowledge of "cool" bands and being a part of the scene than the music that is the centre of the scene. They are the death of many scenes and are to be shunned.
He's such a scenester! He spends all his cash on scarves! Damned emo kids.
by untrue thoughts November 24, 2005
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Anyone who shops at Hot Topic.
The scenesters converged around Hot Topic when the new Blink 182 shirts became available.
by ChiaGuevara November 30, 2009
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People who think they are black sheep but are just sheep who wear black.
Trent: Did you see that guy with the tragus piercing and hand bleached black t?
Felicity: Oh gawd he is just trying too hard.
Trent: Fuck you Felicity your tragus' are pierced.
Felicity: Yeah but I got mine done in 2007, back when it was cool.
Trent: Felicity, you are such a scenester cunt.
by IRonJeremiedURMom September 8, 2010
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