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"Chicks can toss the onions anywhere."
"A girl in my keyboarding class supposedly tossed the onions last year in class."
"Hot girls don't need to toss their own onions in class. They get chase to do it."
by Sean May 09, 2004
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A place in south norwood that provides fun, games, and arts and crafts to tots, or young children. We also like Duck Duck Goose and Four Corners. I personally like telephone.
Without the totlot, I would have a lot less friends.
by Sean July 09, 2004
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1) Not a fucking joke. If Hitler got his hands on this, we all would've been performing sex acts for his relatives right about now.
2) Mace's jizz.
3) Another form or radioactive material.
4) Something to fucking stay away from.
Mace made some more toxicevilmacedavisium and fucked the gay community.
by Sean March 30, 2004
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Used commonly in street racing. Talking about the mods on a car (rims, engine etc.)
"Yo, Sean's FD is well tricked out"
by Sean August 25, 2004
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Actually trip can refer to most any fdrug from acid and shrooms, to plain 'ol weed.
"whats your trip, I need another rip I need another rip" KMK
by Sean September 22, 2003
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2c-t-2, or Chemically 2C-T-2 is 4-ethylthio-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, with the formula C12H19O2NS. A psychedelic empathogin related to mescaline and MDMA (e)
Man, where can I score some rosy?
by Sean January 21, 2005
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