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A female who is very similar in appearence to a male
that girl is such a manhead
by Chalres Babbage May 16, 2003
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ie a spoonerism of clickable link
For more info there's a lickable clink in the description
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(or man ed)a teen girl, most commonly a lesbian, who dresses in boy clothes and acts very manly, they tend to not wear make up and leave their hair natural, they wear boys trousers and expensive boy tops and shoes. normally in a relationship the man head would be dating a very girly lesbian
person 1-what’s shauna wearing to the party?

person 2-combats probably, uno she’s a proper man head
by srtxox May 01, 2019
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A head belonging to someone, other than a man. Basically a head of a man stuck of some kid or women
"Shit look he has a man head, look how big it is!"
by Gilbo January 06, 2005
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to stymie, defeat, or prevent something from happening
Didn't mean to manhead you there, but I had to go first.
by Sean September 22, 2003
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