318 definitions by Sean

When you fuck a person that has crabs in the water.
"Last night you scuba fucked a girl."
by Sean March 21, 2003
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stupid cunts, originated somewhere around mr. cobbs second period class
man, them scunts ate all my skittles
by Sean November 17, 2004
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Upon using the phrase "selling like hotcakes" to describe an item that sells really fast, I realized that I dont know what a hotcake is, nor have I ever sold or bought one. So I decided that beer is the fastest selling item I could think of. So I am officially changing the old phrase "selling like hotcakes" to "selling like beer"
by Sean August 01, 2004
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awsomely sexy; plain out sweet
You guys are not sexellent, i wanted to be the first person to put sexellent on this site.

P.S.: u r sexellent
by Sean September 24, 2003
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Aja, u are much more sextravagent than that grandma.
by Sean September 24, 2003
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The biggest hardass in the universe as we know it.
"That Brian Earl Spilner is a hardass," the Captain proclaimed. "Yeah, but did Brian Earl Spilner lick broken glass up off T-ram's floor, and eat an entire wheel of cheese after dominating the gallon challenge?" Chuck replied. "Well, no." Captain said. "Plus he can turn a 4/4/4 double play, get 98's on diff eq. exams when Sean gets 75's, AND get hired in the blocker labs!" Chuck added. The Captain concluded, "You're so right, Toombs really is a total hardass."
by Sean April 14, 2005
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