318 definitions by Sean

Someone who is redneck in an urban area.
Zabiullah is a ruherb! He wears a nascar hat even in fancy resturants!
by Sean April 05, 2005
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To get punched, kicked, beaten, or racked hard in the balls.
I got sacked hard in a fight last week.
by Sean June 24, 2003
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when a girl is giving you head under a blanket, quickly grab the blanket and pull her head down tight and fart. this is very good for getting revenge on a chick.
After eating a ton of rotten beans and being in the playful attitude he always is, Ryan performed the Sandler Saddlebag on his lady-friend during the movie.
by Sean May 10, 2003
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Japanese word for menajatwa (2-on-1)
Myself, your mom, and your sister had a San pi.
by Sean November 10, 2003
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