To be fired from ones place of employment.

Also, to get "the sack".
"Sorry guys, can't go out tonight. I've got to save money since I was sacked today"

"Hey, did you hear Tracey got the sack?"
by seetheris August 11, 2005
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to get punched, kicked, or hit in the nuts
I got sacked earlier in a fight
by allan_t321 April 21, 2016
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The conquering or destruction of a city, town, or village because of that urban population’s refusal to surrender. This refusal renders the attacking army into a state of intolerance, rage, and desire to kill everything, rape anyone, and burn what ever is left. Usually, in that order.

You refuse to surrender then we shall sack you! I wave my genitals at your aunties! Last one to sack the city has to rape the horses and ride off on the women! Make sure to kill all the men! Then kill their best friends. Then kill anyone who thinks they might know them! And then they will be sacked!
by Mr. Bez November 3, 2007
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The act of wacking/slapping/kicking/punching/head butting/kneeing or throwing something at someones nuts.
-You know the guy who took my cheese at lunch?
-I hid behind his car with a crowbar and sacked the mutherfucker
by seven87 May 17, 2005
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In a school environment, to turn another person's backpack inside out after removing all the contents. Then, the contents are placed back inside and the backpack is re-zipped inside out.
Bob: "Yo did you hear what happened 6th period?"

John: "No, what?"

Bob: "Willie sacked Steve's backpack when Steve was in the bathroom."

John: "That blows."
by Admiral Rackbar May 5, 2010
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To lower a cars suspension by a large, often excessive amount.
"fully phat as car bro, sacked on chromies..."

He sacked it out on 18's, couldn't get up his own driveway..
by =cJ= February 20, 2005
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To dump or be dumped in an un-amicable way (usually coz the person getting sacked has been caught out for being a slapper or manwhore).
"Nah, I'm not seein Tara no more, she's been sacked for sleepin with my cousin."
by CS January 8, 2004
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