Abbreviation for Epinephrine (adrinaline) which makes your heart rate increase.
Give 5 miligrams of Epi... Stat
by EpiMaN October 02, 2005
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The word you use when describing when somebody gets really angry. Aka a tantrum.
When we put a whoopee cushion on Mrs Jacob's chair she had a massive epi.
by Ellzabelle October 21, 2007
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a short term for Epiphone guitars

or it means "outer" like in epicenter, epidermis, etc...
That's such a uber cool epi you played last night at the show!!!!!!!!!
by julingus00 January 23, 2005
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A handsome man that make all the people around him fell very happy..He is nice,hardworking,clever and have a lot of good should marry this guy
She likes the person which has the same attitude like Epy
by Where69 December 27, 2016
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1. A generic insult

2. An individual who throws attention-seeking fits.
1. Damn! You're so epi!

2. I'm home alone with noone around. Time for an epi.
by Tony Frankie October 09, 2011
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