16 definitions by Sam Leisenring

When a man has sex with a woman who has a very hairy, bushlike vagina.
I had a bush bang with kiara this morning! Her vagina was a jungle!
by Sam Leisenring April 22, 2015
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When you're running and your dick balls start bashing together, making a "clop" sound.
I went running today, and my balls were clopping really loud!
by Sam Leisenring April 03, 2015
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Sexual intercourse. Parents often say this when they're around child(ren) or when children walk in on them.
Kid: What are you doing in the bed with mommy?
Dad: We're about to bake a cake.
Kid: Can I join?
Dad: This is a very special cake. Only 2 people can make it.
by Sam Leisenring April 11, 2015
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1. The scientific word for a female dog. Not used a lot by the public.

2. Vulgar word for a woman. Usually describing a thot, prostitute, or a stripper.

3. When in an argument with anyone, the most common word to call someone.
1. This is a bitch, also referred to as a female dog.

2. That slutty girl is such a bitch.

3. You're a bitch, Johnny!
by Sam Leisenring April 03, 2015
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Slang for prostitute, usually performing sexual acts in exchange for cash.
Also what 12 year olds call slutty girls in school.
I just banged that hoe last night for only 5 bucks!
Courtney is such a hoe.
by Sam Leisenring April 09, 2015
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The space in between a woman's breasts, often where the penis goes when a tittyfuck occurs.
That shirt was so clear, I could see her hoog!
by Sam Leisenring April 12, 2015
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A sexual orientation in which people show love and affection to the Jordan shoe brand. They buy every single new pair that comes out, have a huge collection on display in their house, and always wear them, even inside. If their Jordans get scuffed one little bit, they will rub it with everything to get it off. Their shoes are always clean, no matter what, and always talk about Jays.
Anwar is always talking about his 20 pairs of shoes and seems like he's in love with them. Maybe he is a jaysexual
by Sam Leisenring April 11, 2015
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