"I bet you that black girl over there name is Laquisha".
by DonVee April 4, 2012
Stereotypical name for an entitled black female. The equivalent of a Karen.
Laquisha was holding up the line because she wanted her food for free.
by Shade tree July 2, 2020
The Ghetto version of Karen. Will have a complete meltdown at any Dollar Store if they tell her the item she wants was on sale last week and Sunday starts a new week.
Laquisha ain't standing for this here madness! Y'all gonna have to call your manager and corporate cause I k now this is on sale! Laquisha gonna bumrush y'all if you stand in my face one more time or call me out my n ame!
by BrixtonDub July 18, 2020
Someone that's angry
She's being such a LaQuisha today, idk what's gotten into her.
by ARose_INtha_QC July 29, 2020
A solid ass female, Loyal as fuck and doesn't take shit from nobody. Shes smart, sexy, and street smart as fuck. She is a woman that turns heads in heels or Jordans, a one of a kind bad bitch
Laquisha is the perfect female for a G like me.
by Maaackiin March 14, 2017
When a white girl acts black
"GUUURRRLL HOLD MY HOOPS HERE COMES LAQUISHA" or "Girl you're white, stop acting like a laquisha"
by BlackSweatshirt October 8, 2016