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A derrogatory term used for the purpose of describing a korean. (Obtained form the korean pronunciation of their country, Hangook.)
by Bill Flynn November 23, 2002
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A term used to describe Koreans. Gook is still a controversial slur. Some Koreans may take it as a joke but some may take as a serious racial slur.
The history behind it is that during the Korean war, an American approached a Korean.
The Korean did not understand the American, instead he pointed at him and called out "Mi Gook" which means "America" in Korean. The American then mistakened the Korean and thought the Korean was refering to himself as a "gook." After the Korean War, American started to refer to Koreans as Gooks for short term thinking it was a short name for Korean.
There are many different stories where "gook" came from such as korean foods or HanGOOK.
Person:I hate gook (korean term for soup)
Asian: I luv gook

Racial slur:
Person 1: Wut u lookin at gook? You want some fried rice?
Asian: WTF!!! Do you wanna die?
by Ma5ta Chi April 08, 2007
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A derragatory term used against Korean and Vietnamese individuals. The term came about when American troops participating in the Korean war, heard the term "Miguk" which is the Korean word for the United States of America. The term is pronounced similarly to "Me Gook". The Americans thought the Koreans were calling themselves gooks and the name stuck. The name also refers to Vietnamese individuals as American GI's really had no idea what the difference between any Asians were.
The grocery store, the dry cleaners, and the liquor shop are all owned by those damn Gooks.
by Gubook Janggoon May 26, 2005
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A term commonaly used in South Florida to describe a person who is Lame.

Synonym for Lame, wack, Fool or Stupid
Kid: Plays with Pokémon Cards*

Person: man, look at this Gook.
by Jatoman February 13, 2017
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A derogatory term for an Asian person or person of Asian decent. Most notably used in conjunction with the Korean and Vietnam wars, where most GIs would simply refer to thier enemies as Gooks, although it commonly is used as a distasteful slur against any Asian in modern speech.
"Goddamn gooks wont stop comin'! We gun down a whole regiment and another hundred pop up outta nowhere!" (IE Vietnam)

"Hey man, i got new neighbors... Its a bunch of fuckin' Gooks... damn bastards cant drive for shit!" (modern context)
by Peicemaker May 23, 2009
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a racial slur used against asians mostly people of korean and vietnamese descent.
american soldier 1: the only good gook is a dead gook
american soldier 2 : you said it
by zipperhead85 June 16, 2009
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a foreigner, especially a person of Phillipine, Korean, or Vietnamese descent. also see chink
you fatass gook!
by Sam Leisenring May 14, 2015
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