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The tendency of egomaniacs to be impulsively disagreeable in social interaction.
"Antonio's practices kneejerkery on the regular, disagreeing with any idea he himself didn't come up with."
by SalvyZ June 12, 2019
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Fish raised or produced by human methods rather than occurring naturally
“You’ll never catch me eating farm raised tilapia. That shit is artifishal.”
by SalvyZ April 7, 2019
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a list of gender-related items a gender-obsessed person tries to raise in all conversations.
"Sally doesn't have a hidden agender. She makes everything about gender!"
by SalvyZ November 27, 2018
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A term describing an individual who exhibits both knowledge and empathy in relation to language use. Instead of criticizing others' grammatical errors, a Grammar Swami gently and privately guides them towards more standard language practices. Their approach is focused on uplifting and educating without causing embarrassment or belittlement, emphasizing respect for each individual's unique linguistic journey and encouraging growth in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.
I met a Grammar Swami who patiently and kindly showed me how to use language better, guiding me towards improvement without making me feel embarrassed or small.
by SalvyZ July 25, 2023
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Grammar Fonzie is a linguistic style that wholeheartedly embraces and celebrates cool and creative uses of language, valuing expression over rigid adherence to traditional grammar rules. It appreciates the innovative and inventive ways people communicate, even if they deviate from established norms. In contrast, it stands in opposition to the concept of a "Grammar Nazi," which focuses on strict and unwavering enforcement of grammar rules without considering the potential for creativity and expression in language.
Unlike a Grammar Nazi, who would nitpick and correct every minor deviation from grammar rules, a Grammar Fonzie would revel in the imaginative and daring expressions that give language its flair and individuality
by SalvyZ July 25, 2023
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to mentally binge on thoughts about one's existence that arouse feelings of disgust or embarrassment about one's self
"I've spent many sleepless nights during the pandemic mentally cringing myself into a state of deep despair and self loathing."
by SalvyZ May 2, 2021
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a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from from positive occurrences or achievements.
Whenever I hear someone say "mo money, mo problems," I know they mean they're succestressful.
by SalvyZ June 13, 2018
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