Knowing you exist
makes me happy
to be alive
"she said she was going to put effort into ensuring a healthy diet"
by Krkič September 19, 2020
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A diet mostly mirroring the Nathan Pritikin diet (who ended up committing suicide) which focuses on low fat, low protein, and high carbohydrate foods. Very popular among the US medical industry for boosting the sales and funding of pharmaceuticals.

The cause, rather than solution to America's health problems. Great for pussy metro fags and gullible fucktwits.
Three pudgy middle aged men sitting around a table and another man in his late 20's with the body of a greek god eating eggs and a big-ass steak.

old fart number 1:Damn, aren't you worried about your cholesterol there?

young man: (sigh) nope, my blood pressure and lipid profiles are fantastic...

old fart number 2: You will see by the time you get to my age.

young man: there is no connection between dietary chol...

old fart number 3: You are going to kill yourself. You need to be on a heart healthy diet, it's what my doctor had to put me on.

Conversation steers towards old men discussing the statins and Viagra that their doctors put them on...The older men continue to eat their crappy processed "food".
by TheDink September 20, 2011
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