78 definition by SHANNON

1. Personal actions or habits intended to convey, or expose, emotional or intellectual conviction. 2. The act of creating art for the sake of personal gratification. 3. A generalization applied to any action that lacks skill or outside desirability, but is, within it's self, a worthwhile endeavor.
1. It's hard to understand why wearing clothes from Hot Topic is considered self expression, when everyone else is doing the exact same thing. 2. We allow the patients a little time for self expression during arts & crafts; it helps keep them from nutting-up on eachother. 3. It could be said that urban-America is reforming it's self into a more positive environment, by using the art of self expression to cope with all the angst and percieved inequities which once drove it's population to pacify themselves with drugs and crime.
by Shannon September 09, 2003

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ford performace vehicle
whoa man did u see the fpv flog the shit outta that commodore?
by shannon November 22, 2003

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An art God.
Creator of beautiful pieces such as "The Kiss"(der kuss)"The virgin"(die jungfrau)And fulfillment.
Gustav Klimt is a brilliant artist.
by shannon January 20, 2004

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the cops
holy shit, stash it, theres the fifty
by shannon June 23, 2004

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3 hot guys who can jam it up baby...best band EVER
im going to have a huge orgy with the members (jon,max,tony) of eve 6.
by shannon April 02, 2004

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A friggin tampon
also see pussy plug
I needed some more cunt corks,so I went to Walgreens.
by shannon January 20, 2004

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scared.. afraid of somthin
i aint never skerred!!
by shannon October 03, 2003

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