78 definition by SHANNON

Hottest man alive. He has a kickass accent. Best actor ever.
Me: "Let's have sex."
Hugh: "Sounds good to me."
by Shannon April 05, 2005

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Someone who licks the outer and occasionally the inner area of the ass of someone else.
"That was some great anal-munchin' eh George?!"
by Shannon March 13, 2005

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Emotionally related things, such as music
Bright Eyes lyrics are "emoish"
by Shannon August 08, 2003

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A farewell address; goodbye, farewell, see you later, etc.
"See you tomorrow!"
by Shannon February 08, 2004

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A continuos rank shit smelling fart that comes in a constant cloud. Can be silent or extremely loud.
Joey's plume butt made the car reek for hours.
by Shannon March 13, 2005

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The essence of nerdiness that makes one eligible for membership in the Murray State University Honors Program, or HP. Especially present in the freshman class of 04-05. Marked by an addiction to the HP Forum and a love for hanging out with other HP-ers.
Tyler is the HP king because he has the biggest HP-ness.

After Christmas break, I was really needing some HP-ness.
by Shannon March 02, 2005

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a prescription cynthia takes daily
Cynthia gets angry when she doesn't take her awbitchyutrippin...BIATCH
by Shannon January 26, 2005

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