78 definitions by Shannon

Anal sex between man/man or man/woman where after the male cums he sucks the sperm out of the others rectum and snowballs with him/her
Justin fletched me last night and my ass still hurts.
by Shannon February 7, 2005
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Hottest man alive. He has a kickass accent. Best actor ever.
Me: "Let's have sex."
Hugh: "Sounds good to me."
by Shannon April 6, 2005
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Only the greatest southern rock song ever written, by the greatest band ever created, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yes, you might be a hick if you like this song. If you aren't a redneck, you might be an urban West Virginian.
:At a Skynyrd concert:

guy: Wow, I love this song! Freebird.

girl: So where ya from?

guy: West Virginia.
by Shannon February 6, 2005
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a medal received in the military that is handed out like 800mg Ibuprofen is in the military, which anyone in the military knows is given for all ailments including cancer, its a shame too because some people actually deserve this medal versus the people who were waiting to go to battle and received a splinter in their finger and kissed a lot of higher ranking ass and were put in for these medals through chain of command such as ,er, John KerryPeanut Fucker, oh i'm sorry did i really just say that?I deserve my medals so much that I just had to throw them away, Im so proud of me and my country that i'm going too picket and protest the war cause i'm so smart!
John Kerry is a undeserving, disrespectful, piece of crap who somehow weaseled his way into saying he has three purple hearts, that he threw away and then later retrieved on e-bay,oh and i almost forgot a very unfortunate frankensteinish looking man!
by Shannon September 10, 2004
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a pessimist is a realist - an optimist is largely unrealistic
when things are going wrong, a pessimist says what everyone else is thinking
by Shannon January 8, 2004
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An idiom used when one experiences great pleasure, or finds something extremely exciting.
I just aced that test, ahhhh skeet skeet skeet. or She definitely wants that ass, skeet skeet skeet
by Shannon September 30, 2005
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