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Emotionally related things, such as music
Bright Eyes lyrics are "emoish"
by Shannon August 8, 2003
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3 hot guys who can jam it up baby...best band EVER
im going to have a huge orgy with the members (jon,max,tony) of eve 6.
by Shannon April 2, 2004
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Someone who licks the outer and occasionally the inner area of the ass of someone else.
"That was some great anal-munchin' eh George?!"
by Shannon March 13, 2005
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1. Personal actions or habits intended to convey, or expose, emotional or intellectual conviction. 2. The act of creating art for the sake of personal gratification. 3. A generalization applied to any action that lacks skill or outside desirability, but is, within it's self, a worthwhile endeavor.
1. It's hard to understand why wearing clothes from Hot Topic is considered self expression, when everyone else is doing the exact same thing. 2. We allow the patients a little time for self expression during arts & crafts; it helps keep them from nutting-up on eachother. 3. It could be said that urban-America is reforming it's self into a more positive environment, by using the art of self expression to cope with all the angst and percieved inequities which once drove it's population to pacify themselves with drugs and crime.
by Shannon September 9, 2003
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We're going to have a shabasco tonight.
by Shannon September 2, 2003
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Toggling is the process of female masturbation. One continues to use any amount of fingers, or miscellaneous objects to obtain pleasure in the private area. Especially when a male figure is not around to provide orgasmic pleasures to the clitorous. Sometimes this act is used to arouse the male figure.
1. Done mainly to the likes of Daniel K.
2. Can't help to do anything but toggle to Daniel K.
3. It's just flipping better when you toggle to Daniel K.
by Shannon January 23, 2005
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