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A live performance, either musical, theatrical, or physical.
The band has a gig tommorow night.
by Shannon April 09, 2003

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Angry man say dangity-dang
He go to the park to hangity-hang, but
His whole life's a mess!
Angry dude with many tattoos
He's living his life so crudity-rude, and
His short life's a mess!
Nice-ity guy goes flying a kite
and nice-ity girl, she like-ity likes him, and
Super cres at best!
Hippity dude likes hackity-sack,
Don't eat-a the meat, or smoke-a the crack, and
Super cres at best!

by Shannon December 16, 2002

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An evil deceptive creature ,who likes to analyze your every move,
Condemn you, and leave you to die.
Often bearing a strong resemblence to Skellator from He-man ,or a Vulture.
Also see " angel of death"
Or "entity from hell"
I would rather have a chainsaw enema ,than have dinner with my mother in law.
by SHANNON January 13, 2004

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The act of slowing down but not fully stopping while driving. Applies mostly to right hand turns at stopsigns.
Sarah got a ticket for making a California stop when turning right at the intersection.
by Shannon April 29, 2003

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The embryo formed by the joining of the sperm of Marshall Mathers and egg of Kim Scott. She was introduced to the world on Christmas Day, 1995 by way of the vaginal orifice of Kim Scott.

a.k.a. cutest little baby grrl in da world!!!!! omfg*~*~!!
see mockingbird video.
by Shannon February 24, 2005

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Most people driving on the road in front of me,behind me and beside me!These people can be spotted immediately while driving a car they are the ones who are on interstate and highways everywhere driving in the left lane and right lane simultaneously going 30 mph backing up traffic and pissing me off! They also are the people who drive for ten miles with teir fucking turn signal on, letting me further know that they are fucking geniuses! And these people also like too turn by slamming there brakes on with no proper turn signal on causing me too sream out the window YOU FUCKING DUMBASS, while they always turn around and look at you as if they have done nothing wrong,DUMBASSES!They also like too pull out in front of you narrowly avoiding from causing a severe accident and you usually need a front end alignment and a brake job after this fucking retards dumbass driving!!!THESE PEOPLE NEVER EVER HAVE ANY FUCKING INSURANCE EITHER! And if you have a brand new car they are always going too be attracted to it,these people are the same people at grocery stores and retail stores that let their kids run around like little wild monkeys and play with toys on your car,scatching the paint and open their car doors, because they cant park worth a shit, and slamming their door into your parked car door denting the shit out of it, and saying absolutely nothing,because they are trash and do not deserve too breathe oxygen!They also like to slam buggys into your car or let their children, that they have no control over slam the buggy into your car! And these people have there ass handed too them when I see them!
In DUMBASS REHABILITATION: Jasmine stated " Hi, my name is Jasmine and i am trash and a dumbass who is on welfare,and i cant respect other peoples property, and i do not know how to drive, or contain my 9 kids who are little bastards!
by Shannon September 11, 2004

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a pessimist is a realist - an optimist is largely unrealistic
when things are going wrong, a pessimist says what everyone else is thinking
by shannon January 08, 2004

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