78 definition by SHANNON

Slang term for Good ol Marijuana
"Hey Epo, you wanna make some gonja brownies, dogg?"
by Shannon April 28, 2003

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Like Ok, or right on. Used with an English accent.
Friend: I'm getting some really good herb today!

You: Right oh!!!
by Shannon May 06, 2005

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Dressing in bohemian clothes when, in fact, you are a millionaire.
The Olsen twins pretend they are in Rent.
by Shannon March 28, 2005

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ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG!!! It's when a girl is on her period and a guy takes the tampon out with his teeth, then shakes it back and forth leaving two red stripes.
Girl: Hey baby, do you want a dirty sanchez?
Boy: Hell no, you dirty ass cunt!!!
by Shannon May 13, 2005

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slang for vagina
by Shannon July 10, 2003

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a loveable popsickle stick who once had a pet caterpillar!
"Write to me!"
by Shannon March 04, 2004

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having your significant other all tight and hugged up on
like if a dude somewhere and he got his female all tight so everybody know she with him
by Shannon November 27, 2003

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