something you say when someone says something you agree with, or used when you don't know what to say.
Person 1: I love spaghetti.
Person 2: So true.

Person 1: I'm bored.
Person 2: So true.
by jiggle_my_booty_cheeks January 8, 2023
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It means that something is extremely right.
Only extremely hot people tend to us this phrase.
Kendra always says “so true” to her friends.
by kendraissoflippinhot January 31, 2022
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a phrase made popular by mattiasbaby and everyone stole it 😊
so true
by ahh grrrr November 13, 2020
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Words that are getting overrated by teens/young adults on Facebook in response to a funny, but factual photo.
"S.C.H.O.O.L. - Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives"

So true.
by LizzieBabes419 June 6, 2013
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a popular phrase used on political tiktok to express agreement or laughter
Tiktoker: "if gender is what's in your pants then i'm poop"
Comment: "so true!"
by yeezy2024 December 9, 2020
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An overused statement for underused minds of the self gratifying who have nothing of substance to say about anyone but themselves. A comment with no real substance about a subject the poster has no real understanding of other than its "Sad" or "Funny but true".

The "sad" post will often be emotive and for the greater good but the main objective of the poster is to appear a "Good person" who "Cares" but in fact has never done anything significant to improve someone else's life. They choose only 'beautiful friends' based on their potential contribution to their social status. The posters of this statement usually dont fully understand the complexity of real topics they are 'sharing on Facebook' nor do they want to and are definitely not interested in learning anything new about their "So true" topic.

The "So True" squad often (deliberately) misunderstand honesty which they use as validation to freely insult people under the guise of honesty.

The same "So true" cohort post suicide awareness memes and "someone is listening" Chain status without seeing the irony of their later "Don't post your personal shit on Facebook" posts and "Facebook emergency response team posts".
Meme: I appreciate the people who are there 100% not just when its convenient.
So true squad: "So true"

Meme: Don't ask for honesty and reject it because its not what you wanted to her.
So true squad: "So True"

Gif: James Cordon in carpool Karaoke with literally anyone
So True squad: "So true" (Add tag)

Meme: People would rather stop speaking to you than admit they are wrong
So true squad: "So True"

Chain status: Will one of my friends please post this to show that someone is listening
So True squad: "So True"

Meme: Attention seeking response team
So true Squad: "So True"

Meme: Mental health issues spot the signs
So True squad: "So True"

Meme: Avoid posting on Facebook personal problems require personal solutions not social attention
So True Squad: "So True"
by ifyoucouldseemyface October 30, 2018
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The response you use when your best friend says something so true
Person 1: "Elizabeth Olsen is so hot"
Person 2: "So true bestie"
by CaptainFlapjacks December 19, 2022
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