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acronyms commonly used during informal conversation happening via an instant messenger
grandma: I cant understand these whippersnappers and their textspeak!

grandpa: yea! whats with all these LOLs and IRLs!?
by SAM-SEI July 14, 2019
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Jim: ngl, I cried during the season finale

John: its okay man, i borderline balled
by SAM-SEI July 14, 2019
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Someone who is easy/safe for the majority of people to mock. Its a cash cow but you instead milk "lols" from it.
Tom: Man imagine dragons? more like imagine trashens!

internet: lol

enlightened one: is that truly your opinion or are you just bandwagonning against another lolcow?
by SAM-SEI March 15, 2019
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A word used to add emphasis to something. Can be both a positive enhancer thats equivalent to "amen" and can be negative/neutral emphasizer. The southern equivalent of a california girl only commenting "this" on a post.
Jill: Littering is gross! I've decided to outlaw littering

Mary: Bless
by SAM-SEI July 28, 2020
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short for "simpering." an emasculating term for men who kiss up to women they find attractive
Jim: wow, he's really licking his boss's boots
Joe: well yeah, Tony's a total simp for her
Jim: Ohh thats why, yeah i can imagine him kissing her ass
by SAM-SEI June 3, 2021
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To kill someone. As in a snuff film aka a
pornographic video involving actual murder of a person.

If you snuff a candle you suffocate it between your fingers, if you snuff a person you are getting rid of their life (as metaphorized by fire/flame in the word snuff)
by SAM-SEI July 28, 2020
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An omorashi scene that is strictly cute or positive. It can still include embarrassment and even infantilism, but it CANNOT include berating and making the wetter feel negatively.
Jack: So I was just browsing the omocute tag on ao3 last night...

Jill: please dont tell me anymore, this is TMI already
by SAM-SEI July 28, 2020
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