An English term used generally used as a reply when someone has said something another has concidered sweet.
Girl number 1: "He said he loved me"
Girl number 2: "Aww, bless"
by COF May 7, 2005
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Basically Bless Has Alot Of Definitions..

Bless can be said after someone sneezes.. and is believe by some people.. that when people sneeze.. it means that their soul is trying to escape.. for some reason.
When someone says bless to the person that sneezes.. it apparently keeps their soul in their body..

Bless is also used by teenagers.. some adults.. a few kids.. but generally teenagers.. who are either chavs, rudeboys or "goons".. They use the term "bless" after they've spoken to someone.. generally used once a conversation is over.. to show their appreciation..

Finally the word bless is used as a response to someone who has either said anything sweet.. or done anything sweet..
Example 1:
Philip: AHCHOO!
Sandra: Bless You
Philip: Ahh, thanks Sandra

Example 2:
Deniz: WAG1 FAM, Manz Been Finkin Bout New Ways To Make Money
Charles: Well, Maybe you could get a job??
Deniz: Nah Bruv, Dats A Trek..
Charles: Well.. Sorry.. I'm clueless.. I don't think there's any other way
Deniz: Ayt Den, Safe Ye..
Charles: Oh yes! Bye then!
Deniz: Bless

Example 3:
Susan: Awww.. He just wrote me a poem :)
Cassandra: Aww.. Bless his little cotton socks
by AshleyLeigh July 4, 2009
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A word used to add emphasis to something. Can be both a positive enhancer thats equivalent to "amen" and can be negative/neutral emphasizer. The southern equivalent of a california girl only commenting "this" on a post.
Jill: Littering is gross! I've decided to outlaw littering

Mary: Bless
by SAM-SEI July 28, 2020
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To thoroughly enrich someone’s life. This can be with affection, gifts, extravagant dates, financial support, etc. that entertain and excite both parties. The person receiving the blessing reciprocates with appreciation and enthusiasm in the beginning. This can initiate relationships of all forms and is always in play with every single person. Relationships give many examples of someone blessing someone else by spending time, money, and effort to please their significant other, close friend, or family member. This is usually done out of love, genuine affection, or simply some form of attraction.
“Girl, I will bless your life!”
“I’ve blessed her with a Benz and a condo, so why is she acting like such a brat?!”
by thechancelor September 14, 2019
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The word bless is used variously depending upon the situation.

1.Bless is commonly used when somebody sneezes because apparently when a person sneezes their soul is trying to escape their body (which is obviously a load of bullshit) Saying "bless you" when somebody sneezes is just a mark of politeness, more like having manners.

2.In England "bless" is genuinely often used instead of saying "aww" This often confuses a lot of my American friends.

3. Again in England "bless" is also used sarcastically in a patronising manner. Some may find this funny or annoying, depending upon their humor but sometimes the phrase "Bless your cotton socks" is over used which makes people punchable.
Mark: "ACHOOO!"
Sarah: "Bless you!"
Mark: "Thank you :)"

Samantha: "Look at this sweet message Daniel sent me!"
Mariam: "Bless!"

Lorraine: "Ugh I fell down the stairs this morning and now my back really hurts"
Hannah: "AHA bless your cotton socks."
Lorraine: "Mhmm, I think Peter is meeting me after school today"
Hannah: "Bless his cotton socks."
Lorraine: "STFU"
by BrittCurry December 17, 2011
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To send, to another person, a picture related to sexual content; such as: A nude or Booty Pic
"Bro, Sara blessed me last night"- Man 1
"I am about to bless his Snapchat"- Female1
by LORDofARCHMONT April 12, 2016
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Bless: V. To smoke cannabis. To have a smoking session (sesh).

The full version of the tem is "Bless Jah", Jah being common Jamaican for "God". This makes perfect sense seeing as the god of the rasta movement might best be defined as cannabis smoking.

To "Bless", as of posting, isn't very widely known, and as such it has several advantages to just saying "Let's toke".

1) It can be said in front of authorities or people opposed to cannabis smoking without them understanding the meaning.

2) It implies the spiritual aspect of cannabis smoking, which is a great way to think of smoking.

3) It separates the speaker from lesser smokers who use such conventional terms as "smoke"
Yo what's good playa. I just picked up a quarter-O of tangerine kush, tryin to go Bless?

Fuck yah, let's Bless Jah.
by CHS 2010 October 8, 2010
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