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A lolcow is a person you get extensive laughs from, who doesn't know they are being made fun of. They can often think they are admired for what they are doing, but secretly are being laughed at constantly.
See that obese lady dancing on cam? She's such a lolcow.
by MrsKaylaKaulitz August 07, 2008
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A lol-cow is a victim of a flame war who can't help but be milked for lols time and time again. They have a compulsive need to give up as many laughs as possible at their own expense despite themselves.

A good Flame Warrior can turn even the most dignified poster into a lol-cow, dehumanizing them every step of the way. For some unknown reason, the lol-cow cannot break the cycle and regain their humanity.
I wish I could stop checking this forum topic, but the lol cows come back time and time again to be milked.
by FannieMae March 26, 2011
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A phenomena, usually observed on forums and/or imageboards. A person, most often someone who tries to look exceedingly knowledgeable in the topic discussed, is being flamed/trolled to the point where they can no longer present "sane" arguments that will "fit their level", but yet are too proud to just quit.

This produces a considerable amount of lolz and win, for which the said person can be "milked" until they finally give up. Or drop dead. Hence the name.
( )
/ | LOL ||
* ||----||
^^ ^^
by DreadSmile April 15, 2007
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Someone who is easy/safe for the majority of people to mock. Its a cash cow but you instead milk "lols" from it.
Tom: Man imagine dragons? more like imagine trashens!

internet: lol

enlightened one: is that truly your opinion or are you just bandwagonning against another lolcow?
by SAM-SEI March 15, 2019
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(n) A woman, usually fat and normally unemployed, who surfs the web all day looking at lol cats, lol dogs, urban legends and other fake news and forwarding them to EVERYBODY on her e-mail list.
Janice spent all day at her computer looking at stupid things and forwarding them everywhere. She is such a lol cow.
by Black@Heart December 13, 2009
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(noun) An individual, typically one who uploads pictures of himself to an internet site, who is overweight, and only contributes to the amusement of others.
All punkr0cker42 ever does is miss the obvious and get cheeto dust on his keyboard. What an lolcow.
by eliteR August 13, 2007
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