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Made popular in the 70's and 80's, "cheekage leakage" refers to female ass cheeks protuding from the bottom of small, tight shorts. Originally this was purposeful (as was long feathered hair, camel toes, and braless terry cloth tube tops). Sometimes abbreviated to the more British "cheekage".
Cindy didn't even notice the throng of prepubescent boys skating avidly behind her at the roller rink.

"Dude," Chad gasped, "if those cut-offs creep up any further her cheekage is going to make me shoot!"

Paul was hypnotized by the cheekage leakage Mrs. Tyler had on display across the street. Bending over to prune her roses, her tan lines would appear and disappear provocatively.
by Robzilla October 10, 2005
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A car that passes you on the freeway driving much faster than you (and the speed limit). By pacing this car at a distance, speed traps along your route will catch the other driver instead of you.
"Dude, I picked up a cop cleaner on my way over and got here fast!"
by Robzilla August 29, 2005
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The friend that leaves the bar first pretending to be drunk and unable to walk, let alone drive. He draws the attention of the officer laying-in-wait so the rest of his buddies (who probably *are* drunk) can escape unnoticed.
After your buddy passes the breathalyzer test with a 0.0 blood-alcohol level, the puzzled officer asks, "Sir, I saw you stumble out of that bar like you were under the influence, just asking to be pulled over. Are you nuts?"

"No sir," he answers, "I'm the designated decoy."
by Robzilla September 27, 2005
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1) A relationship entered too quickly or without enough forethought; further reflection leads to regret and sometimes panic.

2) A time when you suspect your partner is spending too much time out with friends, feeding egos or insecurities at bars or other meat markets (i.e., the beginning of the end).
Pablo sighed with relief, hanging up the phone after breaking the relationslip he'd committed after only two sexually charged dates.

Larry realized he was in the midst of a relationslip when Kiko stopped answering her cellphone every time she was out with friends.
by Robzilla November 25, 2005
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Any substance, commonly oil or saliva, used in erotic photos on the web to make the female appear "wet" and therefore sexually excited.

Alternatively refers to the cornstarch and water solution squirted onto various bits of anatomy in similar pictures to mimic male ejaculate.
"Hon, you're reminding me of my wife; we need some sweetener. Lick your finger and wiggle it around down there a bit before putting your leg behind your head, 'k?"

"That's it? Christ, mix up some artificial sweetener and squirt it on her tits and chin. You better keep it up for the money shots after that sorry dribble, you little prick!"
by Robzilla December 28, 2005
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Small food particles and what not that collect in between the keyboard keys.
"No thanks, I don't need lunch. I'll just get some boardchow."
by Robzilla April 9, 2003
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1. Adjective. Characterizes software (from any publisher) that has an inherent random nature in quality, reliability, or interface consistency.

2. Adjective. Describes situations where software pauses mysteriously to perform some unknown action, preventing the user from interacting with it or the system as a whole. Most frequently unrelated to the user's actions and depending on the duration, invokes fits of mouse circling or key tapping in order to "get the system's attention".
1. "See? When I open it on my system the table of contents lists all the page numbers as 2," Sophia complained. "Okay, well this microsofty piece of crap did it when I opened it this morning - it's just 'cause you're standing there that its working now."

2. Joe said, "Let me add you to my contacts ... uh, wait, my email's gone all microsofty." He whips his mouse around in rapid, angry circles. "C'mon, c'mon. What the hell is it ... okay, here we go."
by Robzilla September 28, 2006
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