An illness that afflicts the brass section.
A horn player never last long, once coronary trombosis sets in.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ August 15, 2009
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Like carbon neutral, but used when referring to the health value of a meal.
"I had a coronary neutral lunch today. I couldn't resist the pig fat basted steak with triple cheese on the menu, so I offset it with an extra bowl of salad."
by Licka December 28, 2007
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(MASS-iv KORE-o-nair-ee) noun. A Jewish heart attack
Rose: Oy Gevalt! Sylvia, have you heard the news?
Sylvia: Nu?
Rose: Eugene had a massive coronary today.
Sylvia: Thank G-d it wasn't a goyish heart attack.
by Nedd Ludd September 20, 2005
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An artery that supplies oxygen to your heart muscle.
He had a clot in his coronary artery. If we wouldn't have removed it, his heart would been deprived of oxygen and he'd die.
by gregolego October 19, 2017
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(MASS-iv KORE-ah-nair-ee) noun. a Jewish heart attack
Rose: Oy vey! Sylvia, have you heard?
Sylvia: Nu?
Rose: It's Eugene. G-d forbid! He has had a massive coronary already.
Sylvia: Thank G-d it wasn't a goyish heart attack.
Rose: You're telling me!?
Sylvia: Pooh, pooh, pooh.
by Nedd Ludd September 20, 2005
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Refers to either of two similarly-unhealthful "wound up" conditions:
(1) The fiercely-strong "internal burning" and obsessive determination that Indiana Jones had felt ever since he was a boy to recover the Cross of Coronado and donate it to Marcus Brody's museum for display in their collection of Spanish antiquities.
(2) Frustration/tedium-provoked high blood pressure, heart-palpitations, etc. suffered by a feverishly-aggravated returnable-containers collector who is repeatedly compelled to laboriously shake/rinse out slimy globs of rotted lime from each and every discarded Corona Light bottle that he comes across.
Why can't beer-imbibers just add lemon juice to their bottled drinks 'stedda stuffin' in huge chunks of whole limes?! I mean, don't get me wrong, now --- I **do indeed** deeply appreciate it when generous folks around town give me their huge "after da party" piles of empties to cash in, but still... I am soooooo totally gonna get a major case of coronary distress (not to mention carpel tunnel syndrome if I hafta keep abusin' my poor weak wrists) from my agonized shakin' out of all da 0%!$&#!@ fruit-blobs from every single bleepin' one of all these narrow-necked bottles here, not to mention havin' to also slosh-rinse each bottle afterwards in my water-filled 5-gallon plastic bucket here, to remove da stinky-moldy pulp-residues! (Sorry, but I respect the hard-workin’ redemption-center staff far too much to give them filthy-messy bottles, thank you very much!) And THEN of course, I’m also gonna hafta CLEAN UP ALL DA SLOPPY ROTTEN CITRUS-CLUMPS outta my door-yard after I get done processing my returnables, so that visitors don't slip on them or track in yuckies onto my nice clean carpet!
by QuacksO November 17, 2018
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