ariana grande's new album out august 17 2018, which she says is "It's kind of about bringing light to a situation or to someone's life or somebody else who brings light to your life. Sweetening the situation."-Ariana Grande
Friend: ughh people are bringing me down
Me: well listen to songs from sweetener
Friend: ill give it a try. Thank you.
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ariana’s 4th studio album
have u heard sweetener? that shit makes me wanna ride someone’s dick. i love ariana!
by lanabuggaaa May 26, 2018
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Sweetener is a BOP made by Ariana Grande. It has 15 gucci tracks (all are very good)
Stream it and support it.
Hi, im dead because of listening to Sweetener.
Basically, Sweetener killed me (you know — joy) so now i'm here watching you in the afterlife.
by idiotontheinternet September 2, 2019
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A showbiz term for "add sugar to".
We're gonna have to sweeten some of these jokes for the CD.
by Ultraviolent October 29, 2006
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The fourth studio album by American singer, Ariana Grande. Also known as the sixth song in the fourth album by Ariana.
"Then you come through like the sweetener you are to bring the bitter taste to a halt."
by maddy elle May 21, 2021
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My girlfriend came home expecting to find me cooking, instead she caught me sweetening the vinegar.
by HughManatee October 10, 2013
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a national day devoted to miss ariana grande for the release of her fourth album “sweetenerSweetener day is a day about bringing life into your life or into other peoples life. all about sweetening the situation.
hey did you know theres a day devoted to ariana grandes album released on 8.17? its called sweetener day.
by feminiust August 15, 2018
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