A misspelling of the word ‘dying’ commonly used by autistic 10 year olds on social media while complaining about suicide.
I’m so sad my parents are dieing! :(
by Therealgghd February 08, 2019
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Dieing: 'To die'- to use a sharp implement, known as a 'die' to cut something- commonly used in factories.
The butcher was dieing his pigs.
by FranklyHonestlyTruly June 05, 2010
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A common variation of dying that only a spelling nazi will have a problem with.
Jessica- My little sister is dieing from leukemia... :(

Spelling Nazi- IT'S DYING YOU BITCH!!!!1!!11
by A Dieing Man December 28, 2009
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"you don't need a fucking dictionary to know what i meant"
"Grammar isn't my forté"

"I'm DIEING to know what is..."
by tintguy July 21, 2009
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The cooler term for the word dieing... Pro gamers use it alot when speaking of n00bs.
Hey Kyle, this n00b keeps dieing because I am pro with teh knife.
by Entelechia79 April 11, 2009
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1. The act of transitioning from life to death, especially as in comedy.

This is never to be confused with changing the color of anything, unless gangrene is a color.

Alternate definition:

2. Being stamped out by a die, dehydrated and mummified for future reconstitution.
1. Dieing is easy, comedy is hard.

2. We're dieing grandma tomorrow because her insurance won't pay for her upkeep until her replacement heart can be found.

3. We're dieing the Republican's hatred for the middle class into an obelisk to be fired into the heart of the sun.
by Death Becomes Me June 26, 2010
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